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$1000.00 off with coupon code SMLE17 (Ends September 29, 2017)

The EVO11 Includes:

  • SmartCAM  – HD digital camera, SmartCAM offers easy image/video capture while retaining both optical paths for stereo viewing
  • Lynx EVO head: Ergonomic wide-field stereo microscope head (Includes: Viewing hood for Lynx Evo head, head to ring-light power cable, dust cover and lens cloth)
  • Lynx EVO Zoom: 10:1 high performance zoom for Lynx EVO
  • Lynx EVO Ergo Stand: Low-profile  with built-in coarse and fine focus control
  • Lynx EVO Ring-Light: High performance LED ring-light, with integral diffusers.  (Cable to connect sub-stage module to PSU is built in)
  • Power Unit (standard): Connects to one incident illumination unit; Ring-light or 360° rotating optical viewer. Allows control of illumination brightness

Smart Cam digital camera

  • Integrated HD camera/software provides seamless image/video capture and annotation capabilities for documentation purposes, with simultaneous on-screen display (via PC). Ideal for demonstration or training.
  • Easy convenient image/video capture while retaining both optical paths for stereo viewing.
  • USB2.0 interface for easy connectivity.
Camera data
Sensor type CMOS
Resolution (W x H) 1600 x 1200 pixels
Sensor size 1/3”
Pixel size 2.8μm
Colour depth 8-bit
Refresh rate (fps) 18.3 fps max.
File formats BMP, JPEG, PNG and AVI
Supplied software uEye Cockpit (Other solutions available)

Imaging software

  • The included software provides easy annotation and quick reporting of inspected products. Annotations can be loaded as separate files and so can be used for template checking.
  • Easy image capture in compressed JPEG, PNG, or uncompressed BMP format.
  • Record video in highly compatible AVI format, allowing a high level of control over movie clips.

EVO11 Imaging software

High productivity eyepiece-less stereo microscope

  • Unrivalled ergonomics improves productivity
  • Advanced optics allows fast and accurate inspection
  • Flexibility for a wide range of applications

To Receive your $1000 off of the Smart Cam please use coupon code: SMLE17 (download PDF Brochure)

Lynx EVO is a high productivity stereo microscope without eyepieces, powering your productivity through stunning 3D imaging. The unique patented eyepiece-less optics of Lynx EVO liberates users from restrictive working practices, opening up a world of enhanced efficiency through unrivalled ease of use and ergonomic performance.

Lynx EVO is ergonomic without adjustments or modification. Users benefit from dramatically improved comfort and ease of use; businesses benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, driving quality improvements and reduced costs.

Stunning 3D (stereo) imaging

The Lynx EVO advantage begins with stunning 3D (stereo) imaging, viewed through an ergonomic viewing lens. Patented eyepiece-less optical technology allows users to move within the optical path, effectively looking around the subject, further enhancing the 3D view and depth perception.

A natural view of the subject

With conventional ‘eyepiece’ stereo microscopes, users must position their eyes extremely close to the eyepieces, blocking out ambient light. The intense light exiting the eyepieces causes the pupils to contract. It is this constant opening and closing of the pupils which is the main cause of eye fatigue, leading to headaches. With the eyepiece-less design of Lynx EVO, users sit back from the viewer, allowing ambient light into the eyes, providing an entirely natural view of the subject.

Ability to wear glasses

With Lynx EVO, operators do not need to remove their glasses (or safety glasses) to use the microscope. In fact, you can easily use Lynx EVO in a laminar flow, or safety cabinet.

Protection against cross-infection and sample contamination

By removing the contact between eyepieces and the user, Lynx EVO is kept clean, also preventing user contamination affecting sensitive samples in clean and sterile environments.

Optical data
Field of view
at min. zoom
Field of view
at max. zoom
0.45x 2.7x – 27x 176mm 55mm 5.5mm
0.62x 3.7x – 37x 128mm 40mm 4.0mm
1.0x 6x – 60x 75mm 25mm 2.5mm
1.5x 9x – 90x 42mm 16mm 1.6mm
2.0x 12x – 120x 29mm 12mm 1.2mm
With 1.5x multiplier
Field of view
at min. zoom**
Field of view
at max. zoom
0.45x 2.7x – 27x 176mm 55mm 3.7mm
0.62x 3.7x – 37x 128mm 40mm 2.7mm
1.0x 6x – 60x 75mm 25mm 1.7mm
1.5x 9x – 90x 42mm 16mm 1.1mm
2.0x 12x – 120x 29mm 12mm 0.8mm
With 2.0x multiplier
Field of view
at min. zoom**
Field of view
at max. zoom
0.45x 2.7x – 27x 176mm 55mm 2.7mm
0.62x 3.7x – 37x 128mm 40mm 2.0mm
1.0x 6x – 60x 75mm 25mm 1.2mm
1.5x 9x – 90x 42mm 16mm 0.8mm
2.0x 12x – 120x 29mm 12mm 0.6mm

* Maximum permissible range with multiplier engaged/disengaged.
** With multiplier disengaged.

Additional information

Weight 43.50 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 25 in


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